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15 December 2009 @ 05:26 pm
Not trying to be a grinch, but..  
I'll be soooo happy when X-mas is over. I really get no enjoyment out of it anymore just stress. Well, I do enjoy baking cookies with the girls, and hand-painting ornaments with morgan for her gifts.. she did a # 1 teacher ornament, so cute! Then watching them open presents is just priceless. Katie will try to scratch open her present, give up, run to you and say "pleees" it's adorable. :3

They are cute, aren't they?

I almost caught the kitchen on fire again, bleh. I hate cooking, I'm terrible at it and I'm a clutz, no good in the kitchen. And every time I use the oven I burn the top of my hands on the burner thingys at the very top. ><; That makes it what.. the 6th time now?

I really can't believe how greedy people can be, Morgan really, REALLY, wanted this barbie for christmas.. and I went to three different stores looking for it and it was sold out. SO, I jump on the net and look online all the stores are sold out of them online, so I go to amazon and ebay.. the prices are ridiculous this little barbie that sells for like 18.00 at walmart is 50.00 on amazon/ebay or more. So, people are buying popular toys just to sell them for a lot more than what they are worth. No one really cares about Christmas anymore. And I can totally understand why. Just look at it, it makes stores profit and people profit, whoo.
/end rant

Oh, JP! Thanks for the card, the kids really enjoyed it. I think you and hannah send cards more than anyone else. The kids really do love it, thanks. <3
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lupin_iiilupin_iii on December 16th, 2009 07:53 am (UTC)
Heh heh, yay for the postal system actually working for once.:D Glad you got my card and that it arrived in a timely manner.^^
That picture is adorable btw.:) Sorry you have to go through so much stress at Christmas time though..just a bit longer and it'll be over again.^^;