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12 May 2010 @ 11:39 am
The tornado's  

I found a video of some of the destruction that happened, this is very close to my mom's house. I recognize a lot of these places. At the very end of the video you'll see a grocery store with "b" "y" in the wreckage, there's a gas station there too, my mom lives less than a mile from that. I've been in that store tons of times. And that isn't even half of the damage. That's just down hwy9, andi and mandi live over there on the other side, there sonic, loves, and another market was completely gone, there's a few churches, the little axe school down there has damage,power lines all over the place, plus a lot of people lost their homes, it's sad. :(

Here's another video that shows actual tornado's and some damage.

It's really creepy, I've been to these places, we've went to lake thunderbird, we went camping there, we fished in the lake. And everything is like all ruined. :(

That shows the loves gas station by mandi's house.
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